Birthdays Have More Than Just Birthstones

I think it is safe to say that most of us are aware of what our birthstones and our astrological signs are. Yet, there are more meanings to our birthdays than just gems and stars. You guessed it, we have birth-flowers, too!

Can you guess what type of flower represents your month? Give it a try!

Take a look below to see if you were right, what your birth-flower is, and also the meanings that each birth-flower depicts.

January – Carnation/Snowdrop

These flowers stand for fascination, love, and consolation.

February – Violet/Primrose

These flowers stand for modesty, faithfulness, and virtue.

March – Jonquil/Daffodil

These flowers stand for regard, devotion, and sympathy.

April – Sweet Pea/Daisy

These flowers stand for innocence, bliss, and affection.

May – Lily of the Valley/Hawthorn

These flowers stand for sweetness, happiness, and hope.

June – Rose/Honeysuckle

These flowers stand for love and devotion.

July – Larkspur/Water Lily

These flowers stand for laughter and purity.

August – Poppy/Gladiolus

These flowers stand for strength, grace, and imagination.

September – Aster/Morning Glory

These flowers stand for love, daintiness, and affection.

October – Calendula/Cosmos

These flowers stand for joy and modesty.

November – Chrysanthemum

This flower stands for cheerfulness, lovliness, and wealth.

December – Narcissus/Holly

These flowers stand for formality and good wishes.

If you know someone whose birthday is soon approaching, try sending them an arrangement of their birthday flowers. You’ll be sure to score some creativity points!

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