White Flowers can be:

Sophisticated, Elegant, Classy, Tasteful, and Definitely not Your Grandma’s Wedding Flowers!

Last week, when we gave you this sneak peek of the white flowers that had just arrived, we promised to show you the finished products.

collage 03.jpg

Here they are!

One of Friday’s weddings took place at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish in Monaca, PA. Our bride carried white and champagne flowers, including individual white gladiola blossoms while her bridesmaids carried cream and white flowers with gold accents. The beautiful church flowers also utilized a combination of white and cream blossoms.

The reception used a Steelers Theme which carried very tastefully through the room utilizing white flowers with Black & Gold accents.

center pieces 447

Saturday’s first wedding was also a white and gold theme. The Bouquets and centerpieces complemented each other.

Our second Saturday wedding involved white flowers with a touch of color!

Our last wedding on Saturday continued on with a Black & White theme. Our bridesmaids (dressed in black) carried all white mini callas, as did the bride

Our chuppah was a glorious display of all white hydrangeas. Following the ceremony, the chuppah piece was removed and became a centerpiece on the head table. The calla lilies continued with the guest table centerpieces.

Chuppah with Hydrangea 1

cakes 103.jpg

White is an elegant, neutral color that can compliment so many settings and can be used in so many different ways, as you can see here.

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How Does Pink Make You Think?

If you’re just joining us, this is our second segment of Exploring Colors where we are diving into the meanings, effects, and traditions behind flower colors to show how color selections can affect your everyday life.

Today we are looking at pink. Pink is a very popular color for flowers. It is feminine and playful. Many flowers come in various shades of pink. From blush to hot pink, there are pink flowers in every shade in between. Pink can be a statement color or an accent, and can be used in many applications. Often times, pink flowers are use for new babies and to symbolize innocence.

Pink as a color can have varying affects psychologically. Bright, vibrant pink is exciting. It can increase energy and tends to be very attention grabbing. Bright pink can also be seen a joyful and exuberant. Pale pink on the other hand, is seen a sweet and caring. It can resemble skin tones and create feelings of intimacy. Pale pink is considered very feminine and often a color of romance as it is a variation of the color red.

Below you can some of the many choices of pink flowers:


What color would you like to see us explore next?




Sparkly Meets Sophisticated

This past weekend we had a chance to visit one of our favorite wedding reception venues. The centerpieces we created gave the room a sophisticated feel, as half the centerpieces were elevated on trumpet risers and half were in table level vases.


The elevated centerpiece was adorned with dripping crystal strands which hung from the arrangement of tinted hydrangeas, creamy ivory roses, and queen anne’s lace.

In the table level centerpiece, the same beautiful hydrangeas were utilized and were accented by white gerbera daisies. The vase was tied with a white satin ribbon tie.

To finish off this classic look, the bride and groom opted for matching flowers on the cake. As you can see, fabulous sparkly linens were selected for the cake table and sweetheart table.

cakes 101

For more flower ideas, be sure to check out our photo galleries located in the menu bar above.

What Can Blue Do For You?

The science of colors has always been interesting to us here at Parkway Florist. But not only is there scientific research showing that certain colors affect us psychologically, there are also color meanings that stem from tradition. We’re going to dive in and explore these meanings over the next few weeks in hopes of inspiring you to look at the colors around you and consider how they can change your day.

We’re beginning our series  with one of the most rare colors in the flower industry, Blue. There are very few naturally occurring true blue flowers. The blue flowers that are available  to use are always eye catching elements in  a design.

Blue as a color creates a calming effect on people. It is considered a serene and relaxing color. Medical research shows that seeing blue can lower both heart rate and blood pressure. Don’t go painting your whole house blue though, the color can also invoke feelings of sadness so it is important to find the right balance.

Below are some pictures of blue flowers that we have used recently:


Not enough choices? Fortunately, blue comes in many shades and variations. Names such as sky, aqua, teal, cobalt, navy, cyan, cornflower, or cerulean  all mean blue. Here are some examples of other ways to include blue’s calming  effect even without blue flowers:

We hope this has opened up a wide array of possibilities to you. If you’re crazy about blue we would love to make it a part of your special occasion!

In our next segment, you can look forward to the science and traditions behind the color pink! Until then, check us out on Instagram by clicking here.

The Show Must Go On!

Neither rain… nor sleet… nor snow… holds up a wedding!

Rain or inclimate weather always means we move from an outdoor location to “Plan B.” Our “Plan B” on Saturday was inside a ballroom.

Our bride’s beautiful selection included her favorite succulents, both in bouquets and boutonnieres. This gave  a soft romantic look to the flowers, very popular this wedding season!

The groom liked blue thistle with hypericum berries for his boutonniere.

We are told that a delightful time was had by all, and no one even noticed it was raining.

No Wedding is too Small

Love was in the air last weekend. This summer has seen a number of brides and grooms getting married with just a few friends and family present.

Here is a bouquet from July 30th, used for  a small intimate ceremony that took place in the Pittsburgh area. We made the arrangements over the phone with the bride to provide a bridal bouquet and a matching groom’s boutonniere. A great reminder that no job is too small.

bouquets 593

We place no minimum amount on your wedding order with us. We are happy to help each and every bride and groom that chooses us because we believe that every bride deserves beautiful, professionally styled flowers for her wedding!


Pittsburgh, with its many citizens and nationalities, is often very traditional. Such was the case this past Saturday as we had the pleasure of providing flowers for a family steeped in tradition.

St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in the Greenfield section of Pittsburgh was the setting for the ceremony. Both the bride’s parents as well as her grandparents were married in this church. All were in attendance on Saturday.

This Byzantine Catholic Church is very decorative and ornate inside as shown in the photo below. It was built by Russian immigrants who came to the Pittsburgh area to work for Jones and Laughlin Steel Company. For a marriage ceremony, everyone is seated prior to the start of the processional. The bride and groom enter the church together.St John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church- Greenfield Pa

Our bride Mary, in her blush pink dress, carried a lush, romantic bouquet of mostly whites with pinks added, including Queen Anne’s Lace, Dusty Miller, and Eucalyptus.

2016-07-30 Mary- Blush Pink Dress

Her bridesmaids carried Mother of Pearl Roses with green Hydrangea and pink Lisianthus added. (A great contrast against their navy dresses.)

A little drama prior to the wedding though, provides a story for children and grandchildren. The limo broke down on the way to the church. The bridesmaids and groomsmen called Uber for rides, while the bride and groom hitchhiked to the photographer, who drove them the rest of the way to the church! Phew!

And then… imagine our excitement and surprise when we checked our email this morning and found this kind note from Mary:

Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to thank you and your team-from the bottom of my heart- for my wedding flowers. They were absolutely beautiful and I loved them SO MUCH! They literally took my breath away when I saw them for the first time at the church. Many of the guests also commented on how gorgeous they were!! You truly made my vision come true.
You and your team are very talented artists and I cannot thank you enough for making my day so special! Please extend my gratitude to your team and an extra special thanks goes to one man in particular (I didn’t even catch his name) who helped me with my train right before I walked down the aisle. His help was greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


Thank you Mary, for allowing Parkway Florist to be part of and witness to the continuing of a great tradition!

2016-07-30 Mary