Diversity is fun!

August 1st saw a wide diversity of colors, styles and tests with our brides, bridal parties and their flowers.

Our first wedding of the day — a morning wedding — chose the soft pink O’Hara garden roses for her bouquet, as well as her bridesmaids.  Lots of texture was included with the use of dusty miller, seeded eucy. blue thistle and  purple pride waxflower.  Queen Anne’s lace was an added softness to the bridal bouquet.

bouquets 490 bouquets 491





One of our brides chose the classic all red rose bouquet.  At her request, we added a little baby’s breath to her bouquet as well as the groom’s boutonniere.

bouquets 317

Stacey was our “likes bright colors” bride.  She chose to carry a stunning bouquet of solid fushia  dendrobium orchids and ivory roses.  her daughter, the maid of honor, held a bright, multi-colored bouquet, which contrasted nicely against the pool blue of her dress.


bouquets 492 bouquets 493 PAM garden





Our last bride, Nicole, was really, really into orchids.  shown here is her bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, place card table, cake flowers, table centerpiece for the cookie table (a Pittsburgh tradition…..this one contained over 3,000 cookies), the high and low centerpieces we furnished.  Lavender uplights helped to complete the look, while a special lighted cube bar kept the party going all night.

bouquets 494 bouquets 495 cake 89 cake 89B center pieces 387 center pieces 388B cookie table place cards 83





A fun time was had by all who attended all of these weddings.  Thank you to Nicole, Stacey and Emily for allowing our staff to help you on your most important, special day! Congratulations again!

Flowers for Men – Boutonnieres

A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. Boutonniere is the French word for buttonhole. Boutonnieres are usually reserved for special occasions such as proms, funerals, homecomings, and weddings. Traditionally, a boutonniere is worn on the left lapel. While in the past the flower itself was often a carnation, today many different varieties of flowers are used. Different colors and flowers may also be chosen to better coordinate with whatever else is being worn. Roses, orchids, berries, grasses, herbs, and so on.

Shown here are some recent examples of boutonnieres we have done.

bout 32bout 29

Bout 27bbout 35





Bout 28bout 27bout 26





bout 31bout 10bout 14bout 8

The colors were sizzling hot on Saturday!

Immaculate Conception Church (Washington) provided a cool refuge on a very hot day. Coral (one of our new favorite summer colors) was Samantha’s wedding color. “Marlyse” roses with white waxflower were carried by the Bridesmaids while Samantha carried “Patience” Garden roses, Eskimo, and creamy Vendella roses in her bouquet. “Ilse” spray roses provided just a little bit of color. The reception was all coral and navy. Beautiful displays of all roses against navy cloths carried the day. Coral Roses and spray roses were also used on the cake.

bouquets 489flower girl 25center pieces 384center pieces 383cake 87cake 87Bcake 87C











Darla chose to use green (her favorite color) with white and soft yellow. Again, the flowers conveyed a  summery feel. Light green hydrangea, green hypericum berries, and a few yellow roses arranged in a low glass cube were pleasant to the eye and easy to see/converse over at the dining tables. Darla and Dave were married by District Justice Ravenstahl, a family friend, who was also a wedding guest.

Immaculate Conception Altar Flowers Washington Pa2015-07-18 Darla Abouquets 487bouquets 488center pieces 382

headtable 6cake 88





What more can we ask for? Sunny Day (no rain) Beautiful Brides and Handsome Grooms, beaming friends and family to share their days.


“Organic” Flowers the newest trend

Wedding seasons come and go. Color trends roar in and then fade out. One of the most delightful trends we are experiencing in 2015 is the desire of brides to include natural, textured greenery such a seeded eucalyptus, textured grasses, and thistle in the wedding flowers.

Including color in a bridal bouquet continues to be a choice for many of our brides. Our July 3rd bride, Kristen, incorporated both textured greenery and color in her bouquet. A most pleasing combination.

July 3, 2015bouquets 472

bout 32

For those that prefer a more classic cream/white bouquet, you might like these bouquets. Sahara roses, dahlias, spray roses, dusty miller, thistle and queen ann’s lace combine to produce a very soft, romantic look.

bouquets 483cake 86cake 86Bcenter pieces 381Acenter pieces 381Bcenter pieces 381C

Pew Decorations

Our newest favorite pew decoration/flower is shown here:

pew flowers example # 12





This very simple design only requires a very small rise on the top of the pew. Two yards of tulle was used in each decoration with approximately 1 1/2 yards of double faced satin ribbon used to tie the bow. The flower was slipped into place after the bow was tied. We would recommend using 1 large flower here to keep the decoration light weight, as well as cost effective.

Summertime– And the color is yellow!

We had some great fun in the last few weeks. Two of our brides- on the same weekend- chose yellow as their color of their flowers!

Yellow is a primary color, so it pops against almost any fabric or any other color it is paired with.

Yellow also makes you happy and makes everyone smile. What better way to start your new life as Mr. and Mrs.?

bouquets 469bouquets 470flower girl 22gateway clipperplace cards 81head table 3








J Verno Studios Pittsburgh PAcenter pieces 376cake 84cake 84Bcenter pieces 377





bout 30bouquets 468center pieces 374center pieces 373

Heinz Chapel- Open & Cool Again!

If you haven’t been to Heinz Chapel lately, you are in for a treat. Air Conditioning! Yes- after many many years & much expense, Heinz Chapel is now climate controlled. Wonderful!

Our latest visit to Heinz Chapel allowed guests as well as staff to remain cool, calm, and collected on a hot July Day. Everyone is amazed at how wonderful the climate controls are functioning.

Considering something rather spectacular for a wedding ceremony? If you have one of many connections to the University of Pittsburgh, you can be married here. (See for complete details.) If you lack a connection for a wedding ceremony, please consider visiting Heinz Chapel for one of the special concerts or services.

Heinz Chapel

Heinz Chapel - University of Pittsburgh Campus

Coral was the color of the day!

This weekend we had the pleasure of providing the flowers for the wedding of Amanda  & TJ  on June 19th, 2015. We are so very proud of how everything turned out.

Below is Amanda’s bridal bouquet and her bridesmaid’s bouquet. Her bouquet included white hydrangeas, peach spray roses, green hypericum, and beautiful Coral Charm Peonies that have been so popular this wedding season. The bridesmaids carried white hydrangeas with peach and yellow roses, peach stock, as well as green hypericum berries.

bouquets 464bouquets 463






Amanda and TJ’s traditional ceremony took place at St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Parish in Greentree. Two tall alter pieces were provided that complimented the church architecture nicely.

St Margaret of Scotland Pittsburgh PA 2St Margaret of Scotland Pittsburgh PA 3






The reception took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh. The coral color scheme carried over to the reception perfectly. The wedding cake was adorned with more of the Coral Charm Peonies and peach spray roses.

cake 82Acake 82Bplace cards 80






The centerpieces at the reception included a healthy sprinkling of yellow and peach rose petals surrounding large goblet style floating candles. Romantic and colorful in a beautiful room.

center pieces 372B












The dream continues into the night, as we decorate your reception site. Romantic roses, fluffy hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, rustic slabs of logs and vintage jars.

Collections of smaller centerpieces provide diversity and interest on each table. Low, or high? Or both?

Adding decorative up lighting to the room can transform ordinary colors into a really dreamy space.

Here are ideas to get you started.

center pieces 358center pieces 366center pieces 361center pieces 359





center pieces 360center pieces 362center pieces 371center pieces 369center pieces 370

Head Tables and Cake Tables

head table 2



Many weddings today use the Brides’ and bridesmaids’ bouquets to adorn the head table.

Sometimes though, we are challenged to truly decorate a head table.

Head Table




Many stems of white Phalaenopsis Orchids were recently used to decorate a head table.

cake 78 cake 79 cake 80 cake 81





Cakes and cake tables are fun to trim. Flowers can bring a bright spot of color in just the right way