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Paying Tribute to our Heroes

Today marks the 64th anniversary of the end of the Korean War – July 27, 1953.

Providing a wreath for the Memorial was a task we were honored to assist with.

Approximately 30 people gathered this morning for a brief commemoration ceremony at the North Shore Korean War Memorial marking the anniversary of the end of what many call “the forgotten war.”

Korean War Memorial Flags

The Korean Conflict began in 1950 when 75,000 troops from North Korea invaded South Korea. The United States, along with a number of allies, including Russia, rushed to defend the people of South Korea. The mission of our brave servicemen  was “to protect and preserve freedom in Korea.”

In light of the recent aggressive actions of North Korea, we are reminded again that “freedom is hard earned, needs to be protected, and is not free.”

Korean War Memorial Sign

The Korean War Memorial, located on the North Shore between PNC Park and Heinz Field, near the river, was dedicated in 1999. It was built using 1.2 million dollars which was raised by volunteers with the Korean War Veterans of Western Pennsylvania.

Korean War Memorial Plaque

The Memorial is a beautiful tribute to our unsung heroes who fought to keep us and others safe and free.

Many Roads Lead To A Pittsburgh Wedding

Sometimes we, who are native “Pittsburghers,” question why we like living here.  Sometimes we have to hear from others why they chose to come here to live.  This was the case with our wedding on July 22, with Caroline and Darius.

Caroline actually came to the USA to play hockey in high school.  Yep, she was recruited from Canada.  She spoke no English at all, only the wonderful French language.  She grew, matured, and went onto college in Northern New England, again playing hockey.  There, she met Darius. Love blossomed. And thus, the frantic job/career moves happened.

Caroline is a Sports Medicine Physical therapist. She and Darius moved to Pittsburgh not too long ago.  She loves her work, and wanted both of their families to become familiar with their new home — Pittsburgh, Pa.

It was our pleasure to plan and execute wedding flowers for their intimate outdoor ceremony and reception last weekend.  It was also great fun to listen to everyone switching languages from French to English back and forth so easily.  (My college French skills are quite rusty, but I was able to catch a few words). Congratulations to Caroline and Darius!  We hope your families enjoyed the city as much as you do!

Below are some photos from Caroline and Darius’s wedding. Check them out!

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