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Spring Forward With Flowers!

Sun leads to Spring, which then leads to the tulips, daisies, daffodils, etc. that are all arriving at the store. We’re excited, and you should be, too! All of this sun means flowers are soon to be blooming, while bringing with them the beautiful colors and scents back to Pittsburgh.

And, now that the sun is waking us every morning instead of snow(thank goodness), it will be a lot easier to roll out of bed to go out and enjoy the day. Not a morning person? Well, that’s something us florists can fix!

Forget about that morning cup of coffee, because there is something else that can brighten up your morning. According to research posted on the Society of American Florists’ Website, flowers are the perfect incentive for that morning moodiness.

Studies from this research have shown that placing flowers in the rooms most visited throughout the morning had put people in better moods, and had even increased their energy. How cool is that?!

The Society of American Florists’ Website also listed a few tips on how to truly perk up your mornings with flowers.

  • Be spontaneous with what you place your flowers in to ensure that the container suits your personality.
  • For a “sunny” feeling (which I would say is appropriate for the weather these past few days), incorporate flowers that are of the yellow or orange spectrums. For a special touch, add lemons or limes to the arrangement.
  • Match your flowers to your room palette to really accentuate the colors in that particular area of your home.
  • Set your flowers in an area that, at times, may get messy. This will help to ensure that your house will remain tidy.

— To check out the article, click the link above.–

Who knew something as simple as flowers could do so much? (We did!)

So if you know someone who isn’t necessarily a morning person, give us a call and we’ll help brighten up their day. We all need to be able to enjoy these gorgeous days Pittsburgh has been giving us!


Phil Did Not See His Shadow!

Hip-Hip Horray!

Phil the Groundhog did NOT see his shadow yesterday. So that means the prediction is for an early spring, and not 6 more weeks of bad winter weather. I am so ready! Bring on the sunshine!

Tulips are coming into the shop already.  Bright Gerbera Daisies almost every day.  Beautiful mixed bunch bouquets for a super quick treat.

Stop in today …or any day.  We are always here and are ready to help with your every whim and desire!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s time to send your sweetie something special. Flowers are the key to everyone’s heart, whether male or female (despite what you may have heard).

If you find yourself struggling to decide on what type of arrangement or flowers to buy, take a moment to browse some of our special offerings  below.  Even more items can be found on our website.

  •  Red roses don’t necessarily have to be the default flower arrangement every Valentine’s day. These hot pink roses glow with beauty and love.

  • A few of our most popular tall arrangements are the “Burgundy Blush” and the “You Are My Passion.”

  • We also have varieties of roses by the dozens.

  • There are smaller arrangements that have been popular for those looking to give their daughter flowers. One in particular is the “Sweet Surprises.”

— All images are “©” of Parkway Florist —

  • But, if we haven’t gotten your interest yet and you really want that “wow!” factor from your sweetheart, you can try one of our Special Chocolate or Junk Food baskets as well.

Whatever you are looking for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got it. If you have a question or a specific request, give us a call and we’ll work something out with you to make this Valentine’s Day special for you and your loved one.

 Call before delivery on  Feb 12th or 13th & save $10.00 on  your Valentine’s order. 

Mention the code ROMANCE if calling, or if ordering online.

We will be open early and staying  late on Valentine’s Day.  Stop in for some Cupid Fun.