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Bridal Bouquets

We are happy to present our spring and early summer 2014 bridal bouquets!  We hope you enjoy!

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“Spring Ahead” this Sunday, March 10th!!

Since I have to set 3 clocks, and write myself at least 3 additional notes, I thought I would remind all of our friends that this is the weekend that we “spring ahead” one hour.  So, don’t forget to turn the clock forward before you got to bed on Saturday night, or you will be late for church or brunch on Sunday morning.

“Springing  Ahead” in the month just a little, I should also remind everyone that St. Patrick’s Day is on Sunday, March 17th, and one of the largest parades in the country happens right here in Pittsburgh on Saturday — March 16th.  We all can be Irish for one day.  Don’t forget your green carnation for your lapel.  That makes you truly Irish!

Of Course, Spring is really arriving in style as usual on March 21st.

Just a few weeks  from now  is Palm  Sunday, March 24 and of course,  Easter Sunday on March 31.  Wow….the month is truly wizzing by!!

Easter is a few weeks earlier than we have had it in the past few years.  We are all  hoping that the snow has all but become a long faded memory, and that  spring is truly here when the Easter Bunny hops our way.

Don’t forget, cut tulips and Daffodils are arriving and in stock daily now.  Take a small bunch of Spring home to brighten your table today.

So, in keeping with St, Patrick, and a wonderful blessing from a long-forgotten poet:  “May the roads rise up to meet you;  May the Winds be always at your back; May the sun shine warm upon your face.  And Until we meet again…………

Spring Forward With Flowers!

Sun leads to Spring, which then leads to the tulips, daisies, daffodils, etc. that are all arriving at the store. We’re excited, and you should be, too! All of this sun means flowers are soon to be blooming, while bringing with them the beautiful colors and scents back to Pittsburgh.

And, now that the sun is waking us every morning instead of snow(thank goodness), it will be a lot easier to roll out of bed to go out and enjoy the day. Not a morning person? Well, that’s something us florists can fix!

Forget about that morning cup of coffee, because there is something else that can brighten up your morning. According to research posted on the Society of American Florists’ Website, flowers are the perfect incentive for that morning moodiness.

Studies from this research have shown that placing flowers in the rooms most visited throughout the morning had put people in better moods, and had even increased their energy. How cool is that?!

The Society of American Florists’ Website also listed a few tips on how to truly perk up your mornings with flowers.

  • Be spontaneous with what you place your flowers in to ensure that the container suits your personality.
  • For a “sunny” feeling (which I would say is appropriate for the weather these past few days), incorporate flowers that are of the yellow or orange spectrums. For a special touch, add lemons or limes to the arrangement.
  • Match your flowers to your room palette to really accentuate the colors in that particular area of your home.
  • Set your flowers in an area that, at times, may get messy. This will help to ensure that your house will remain tidy.

— To check out the article, click the link above.–

Who knew something as simple as flowers could do so much? (We did!)

So if you know someone who isn’t necessarily a morning person, give us a call and we’ll help brighten up their day. We all need to be able to enjoy these gorgeous days Pittsburgh has been giving us!