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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day Flowers Foundation Logo

As Memorial Day nears again, we are reminded of one of our favorite Parkway Florist Traditions. On Monday May 29, 2017, you can find us at The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies passing out complimentary roses to be placed at the graves of service members.

This is an honorable cause that we are glad to support each year. This year we have teamed up with The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation and DVFlora to make this possible.

If you have the chance, or you have a loved one buried at The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Bridgeville, PA, we would love to see you come out and support our cause. This cemetery spans 292 acres and is quite the sight to see.

We will be at The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies starting at 9:30 AM on Monday May 29, 2017. Our van will be parked near the entrance to the cemetery with our Memorial Day Flowers Foundation Banner attached. We hope you will join us.




Memorial Day Flowers – 2014


Once Again, on May 26th, 2014, members of Parkway Florist will be honoring our fallen heroes at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies.   This cemetery is one of the newest of the national veterans cemeteries, but already contains almost 10,000 graves.  It follows the patterns of Arlington National Cemetery, with  uniform headstones, and markings.

Anyone who has been honorably discharged from any branch of the United States military — from any period of time — can be buried in a national cemetery.  This also applies to any Spouse of a veteran.

We at  Parkway Florist will be located near the Cemetery entrance, as we have for the past several years, handing out a free rose to anyone who is coming on Memorial Day to visit a loved one.  The roses are provided to us thru our Grower partners in South America, and transported to us at no charge by some pretty terrific wholesalers and brokers and transportation companies.  Our small contribution is to get them to their final destination — the final resting place of  our veterans.

Across the United States, over 200 National, Veterans and Local cemeteries are participating in Memorial Day Flower Events.

This is being done to show appreciation on this Memorial Day for the sacrifices of the United States Armed Forces members.  As part of a grateful nation, we salute each and every one of you.

The Cemetery is located just outside of Bridgeville, Pa., and can be reached via I-79 south.  It is open to the public 7 days a week.  There is a wonderful, caring staff of volunteers in the information center that can help to locate the gravesite of anyone who is buried here.100_1793

Our work will also be visable this  Memorial Day at the Korean War Memorial located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, near the Jerome Bettis Grille.  We have served  our Korean Veterans very proudly for a number of years, and are honored to do so again this year.  Please stop and visit the Korean War Memorial — or the newest addition to the North Shore — the World War II Memorial.  I am in awe each and every time I visit.





Memorial Day Flowers for Veterans

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First thing on Memorial Day, 2012, I headed to the Korean War Memorial, located on Pittsburgh’s north shore.  We placed a wreath at the Memorial from the Starkist Company honoring all who served in the Korean War.  Earlier in the week, we Had prepared the Memorial Wreath presented by the Pittsburgh Korean War Veterans.  This wreath generally is placed near the American flag at the Korean War Memorial.

Then, We were off to a day of adventure and excitement.

We  had the pleasure of visiting the  National Cemetary of the Alleghenys — located right here in Western Pennsylvania, just south of Bridegville, Pa.  This national cemetery is one of the newest — opened in 2005.  Already over 7,000 veterans or spouses of veterans have been buried here.

We came to help families that came to visit their loved ones on Memorial Day, by giving away roses…..2 per family.

Flower farms from Ecuador and California donated all the roses that we gave away.  Logistics were provided to get the roses to us free of charge by a national inporter/broker.   We  willingly gave of our time to pass out the roses.

This program began at Arlington National Cenetery in 2011.  This year, At Arlington, over 100,000 roses were distributed or placed on graves.

Over 100 florists from all across the USA distributed roses at 100 local  cemeteries.  No monetary donations were accepted.  No cost to any family member was involved.(and many people offered us donations through-out the day).

We did this in grateful remembrance of those who have served our country to keep us  safe and free from harm.  We did this in memory of so many family members who have answered the call to duty in wars gone by.  We did this because we wanted to honor all of those who came before us, and are no longer with us today….family members, friends,  loved ones and some that  we only know by name.

Because the cemetary of the Alleghenies is a very vast place, we found it better to operate out of  our minivan, and do a “drive-up” service.  (sort of like going thru the drive thru at McDonald’s!!)  The pictures attached tell our story better than I can.

Thanks to me friend, Alexandra, for helping me on Monday.  We gave away 500 roses in about 5 hours.  We will return next year, I promise.

And….thanks to all the families for all your kindness during our day with you.  We really, really appreciate it!  Your notes that were mailed to us afterward brought us to tears in lots of cases.  Thank you for being the families of True Heroes.