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Paying Tribute to our Heroes

Today marks the 64th anniversary of the end of the Korean War – July 27, 1953.

Providing a wreath for the Memorial was a task we were honored to assist with.

Approximately 30 people gathered this morning for a brief commemoration ceremony at the North Shore Korean War Memorial marking the anniversary of the end of what many call “the forgotten war.”

Korean War Memorial Flags

The Korean Conflict began in 1950 when 75,000 troops from North Korea invaded South Korea. The United States, along with a number of allies, including Russia, rushed to defend the people of South Korea. The mission of our brave servicemen  was “to protect and preserve freedom in Korea.”

In light of the recent aggressive actions of North Korea, we are reminded again that “freedom is hard earned, needs to be protected, and is not free.”

Korean War Memorial Sign

The Korean War Memorial, located on the North Shore between PNC Park and Heinz Field, near the river, was dedicated in 1999. It was built using 1.2 million dollars which was raised by volunteers with the Korean War Veterans of Western Pennsylvania.

Korean War Memorial Plaque

The Memorial is a beautiful tribute to our unsung heroes who fought to keep us and others safe and free.

Memorial Day Flowers – 2014


Once Again, on May 26th, 2014, members of Parkway Florist will be honoring our fallen heroes at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies.   This cemetery is one of the newest of the national veterans cemeteries, but already contains almost 10,000 graves.  It follows the patterns of Arlington National Cemetery, with  uniform headstones, and markings.

Anyone who has been honorably discharged from any branch of the United States military — from any period of time — can be buried in a national cemetery.  This also applies to any Spouse of a veteran.

We at  Parkway Florist will be located near the Cemetery entrance, as we have for the past several years, handing out a free rose to anyone who is coming on Memorial Day to visit a loved one.  The roses are provided to us thru our Grower partners in South America, and transported to us at no charge by some pretty terrific wholesalers and brokers and transportation companies.  Our small contribution is to get them to their final destination — the final resting place of  our veterans.

Across the United States, over 200 National, Veterans and Local cemeteries are participating in Memorial Day Flower Events.

This is being done to show appreciation on this Memorial Day for the sacrifices of the United States Armed Forces members.  As part of a grateful nation, we salute each and every one of you.

The Cemetery is located just outside of Bridgeville, Pa., and can be reached via I-79 south.  It is open to the public 7 days a week.  There is a wonderful, caring staff of volunteers in the information center that can help to locate the gravesite of anyone who is buried here.100_1793

Our work will also be visable this  Memorial Day at the Korean War Memorial located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, near the Jerome Bettis Grille.  We have served  our Korean Veterans very proudly for a number of years, and are honored to do so again this year.  Please stop and visit the Korean War Memorial — or the newest addition to the North Shore — the World War II Memorial.  I am in awe each and every time I visit.