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3 Weddings and a ???

Saturday morning dawned and it was clear that any outdoor ceremonies were going to need to go to “Plan B” today.  The weather, it seemed, had a mind of its own.

Our day started with an 11 a.m. ceremony at Duquesne University Chapel.  Susan was a very  Traditional Bride, carrying a free-form cascade.

bouquests 362bouquets 359flower girl 16





Our second wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral was all shades of peach, coral, and green.  Short, kicky dresses were the order of the day.

bouquets 363bouquets 362






Our Bethel Park wedding was moved outside to inside.  Fun clutches of gerber daisies for the Bridesmaids, roses added for the bride, and our locally grown farm fresh bouquets gracing the reception tables.

bouquets 361bouquets 360center pieces 321





We know that a fun time was had at all 3 weddings.


Bridal Bouquets

We are happy to present our spring and early summer 2014 bridal bouquets!  We hope you enjoy!

bouquets 317 bouquets 319 bouquets 320 bouquets 321 bouquets 322 bouquets 323 bouquets 324 bouquets 325 bouquets 326 bouquets 327 bouquets 328 bouquets 329A bouquets 329B bouquets 330 bouquets 331 bouquets 332 bouquets 333 bouquets 334 Bouquets 335 bouquets 336 bouquets 337 bouquets 338 bouquets 339 bouquets 340 bouquets 341 bouquets 342 bouquets 343












Almost A Week Away From Cupid!

Did you know that Cupid was truly clumsy?

Cupid, otherwise known as the god of love, was the son of Venus (the goddess of love) and the god Mars.

When a beautiful princess named Psyche caused Venus’s worshipers to lose sight of their respect for her, Venus became angry and envious that Psyche was taking away from her fame. So, in vengeance, she sent Cupid to curse Psyche so that she would fall in love with an unpleasant creature.

However, as Cupid made his way to shoot Psyche with his golden arrow as she was sleeping, she awoke and startled him. Because of her reaction, Cupid panicked and wound up scratching himself with his own arrow which caused him to fall in love with Psyche.

Love sure does happen in strange ways, doesn’t it? Clumsy Cupid!

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