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8-25-2018 A Blush Bouquet for a Blushing Bride!

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Kara and Brett’s wedding on 8/25/2018 was all about blush, ivory, and white colors.  Mini calla lilies and blush pink roses were part of her bouquet.  The same color scheme, of white hydrangea and blush pink roses provided lush, full center pieces for the middle of the guests’ tables.  Kara’s 12 bridesmaids carried white hydrangea, which softly stood out against their blush pink dresses.

The band played well into the night.  We hope that a great time was had by all, and wish the best of luck to our newlyweds!


Bouquets – Bouquets – Bouquets

Every bride has dreamed of what her wedding flowers should be and how they will compliment her dress so nicely. We make fairy tales come true.

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All white? Lots of color? soft pastels? maybe lots of texture…

Big or small? cascading, hand tied, or round?

Included here are some of the many bridal and attendant bouquets we have prepared in 2015. We hope this provides you with some inspiration.

Wonderful Lilac Bouquets

On May 7, 2011, we had the pleasure of making a bride’s dream come true. The bride, Brooke, had one special request for her wedding flowers, and that was to have a bouquet of all lavender lilacs.

The scent of the lilacs reminded Brooke of her grandmother’s garden, and was also her grandmother’s favorite flower. However, the wet, rainy weather along with the lack of sunshine in Pittsburgh made this request a challenge. 

Nonetheless, a challenge we accepted! With the help of one of our international sources in Holland, we were able to fulfill Brooke’s very special request for her lavender lilac bouquet. 

Her bouquet (shown above) was breathtaking, fragrant, and loved  by our bride!