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4-5-2019 Let’s Color Our World!

All of our world revolves around color.  We thought you might be interested in exploring what different colors mean – and how they can all fit together in harmony!


Does your heart beat for red?  This color represents vibrancy, passion, love, and strength. While we all know the traditional red rose, there are so many flowers that grow in so many shades of red!


Is orange your favorite color?  This color represents harmony, aspiration, optimism, creativity, happiness, and joy.  Orange flowers have very high visibility, which is perfect for catching attention and highlighting the most important elements of a floral arrangement.  Not to mention – it’ll brighten your day!


Does yellow make you smile?  Yellow is the color of sunshine, and its color produces a warming effect.  Use yellow in your arrangements to send cheerful, pleasant sentiments.  It’s a classic choice for spring arrangements and a sure bet to cheer up a friend or loved one!


Does the color green soothe your soul?  One of the most important elements of a floral arrangement is the base of greens such as salal, variegated pittosporum, or Italian ruscus – but there are also many green flowers!  Green represents harmony, growth, balance, relaxation, and is associated with healing.  Including green flowers in your bouquet adds an element of freshness and harmony that we love!


Blue is the color of the sea and the sky.  It is often associated with depth, stability, loyalty, trust, intelligence, truth, and faith.  Its calming effect makes it a perfect choice for sympathy and get well arrangements.


Do you adore the color purple?  Purple combines the tranquility of blue with the passion of red.  The color of royals, this color symbolizes luxury, ambition, independence, and extravagance.  So many flowers grow in beautiful shades of purple, which makes it a versatile color for arrangements.


Are you tickled pink by the color pink?  This color represents youthfulness, romance, compassion, nurturing, love, and friendship.  Pink flowers beautifully contrast with blue or green blooms, and complement lighter shades of yellow and orange.


White means more than just tradition.  A color of innocence, reflection, inspiration, purity, and transition, white is an ideal choice for the special occasions in your life.

When we combine colors in our creativity, we’re doing more than just making a pretty arrangement – we’re creating a deeper meaning.  What statement can we help you make today?

What is your favorite color?

When it came time to start making our plans for the 2016 Cavanaugh’s Pittsburgh Winter Bride Show, we quickly realized that whether we were reminiscing about our favorite bouquets from this past bridal season, or giving our thoughts on the trends for the coming year, all of our conversations kept coming back to one topic: color. center pieces 363

Color has played an important role throughout history; most everyone has a favorite color; color also happens to be one of the first things a couple will discuss about their upcoming wedding.

Color is a simple, yet powerful way for us to express ourselves. From a young age, many of us begin to use color to show our individuality and throughout our lives we find that color can affect our moods, the way we think, and how we react in different situations.

When we begin consulting with our brides to select their wedding flowers, color becomes a significant factor in the selection process. We work with the colors the couple has selected for their special day and we help guide them in choosing flowers that will show the best mix of shade and texture to be sure their choices will be as beautiful in photos as they are in person.

Believe it or not, the best way to do this is often by adding in contrasting colors, which allows the flowers to showcase themselves as well their setting, such as a beautiful dress or fancy table linens. This prevents the colors from blending into each other and eliminates the chance that any fine details will be lost in a crowd of similar shades.

No matter if our brides prefer elegant monochromatic tones, playful pops of their favorite colors, or lavish, vibrant hues, we strive to design bouquets and centerpieces that will allow our couples to express their love and individuality through color.

So, tell us, what is your favorite color? How does it make you feel when you see it? Have you noticed the power it can have over you?


Bridal Bouquets

We are happy to present our spring and early summer 2014 bridal bouquets!  We hope you enjoy!

bouquets 317 bouquets 319 bouquets 320 bouquets 321 bouquets 322 bouquets 323 bouquets 324 bouquets 325 bouquets 326 bouquets 327 bouquets 328 bouquets 329A bouquets 329B bouquets 330 bouquets 331 bouquets 332 bouquets 333 bouquets 334 Bouquets 335 bouquets 336 bouquets 337 bouquets 338 bouquets 339 bouquets 340 bouquets 341 bouquets 342 bouquets 343












Fourth of July Decoration Ideas

Although food and fireworks are two of the main things on peoples’ minds when celebrating the Fourth of July, decorations make all of the impact when those very people are visiting your house for the holiday. We thought it would be helpful to list some decorating tips to lessen the stress of you frantic get-together coordinators; and believe it or not, flowers are included in those decorating tips! (who knew? ;] )

Table Centerpieces:

– When having an outdoor (or even indoor) party, table centerpieces make an incredible focal point for the guests. One idea for the centerpieces could be red, white and blue paper pinwheels (which could be found either at the dollar store or could be made if you’re feeling crafty) placed in a gardening bucket. You could tie some themed ribbon around the bucket and place some colored filler in the bucket as well to top off the look.

– Another idea can be, as I’m sure you have guessed, floral centerpieces. Red, white and blue flowers always tend to be a hit, as their colors pop and their aroma makes the party smell good. An example of a Fourth of July themed floral centerpiece is as such below:


– A popular idea for outdoor lighting can be paper lanterns, alternating in colors of red, white and blue. Hanging the lanterns from the fence, or even from the trees will provide enough lighting around the perimeter of the party.

– Another idea for lighting the party is using candle votives. You can alternate the colors of the candle holders, or the candles themselves, and place them either on the tables or the walkways. This idea is also good for an indoor party.


– Since the food is where the people are, be sure to decorate the places where they will be sitting. You can do so by covering the dining tables in either a red, white or blue tablecloth and then provide utensils, plates and cups that are in the opposite color(s) that you chose for the tablecloth.

– Another idea for the dining portion of the party is to use old mason jars for the guests to drink out of. Tie a red, white and blue ribbon around the jar and fill them with some fresh brewed iced tea as a refreshment.

To finish off your decorating, be sure to add some flag decor. For an outdoor party, plant some flags in your garden or along your walkways in the grass. This is an inexpensive and creative way to finish off your outdoor decorating. For an indoor party, you can decorate your archways or the gathering area for you guests with flag streamers, which is again another inexpensive way to finish up your indoor decorating.

Hopefully some of these tips helped you get some last minute ideas for your decorating! We wish you a Happy Fourth of July and a whole lot of good eatin’!

Celebrating Flag Day

On June 14th, people around the United States celebrate and recognize the flag of  our country. Many years ago, as far back to the 20th century, Americans took the meaning of our flag very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that there is even a code of ethics for our flag! Some of the rules are included in the following:

– Our national flag may not be used for advertising.

– Our national flag may not cover any monuments or ceilings.

– Our national flag may not be folded when it is being displayed.

– Our national flag must not be written on.

– Our national flag must not be lowered on a ship unless only slightly to greet another ship.

It wasn’t until 1912 that the United States actually had a standardized flag, which was originally called “Stars and Stripes,” or also “Old Glory.” Not to mention, our flag is the most complicated flag to make in the entire world as it requires 64 pieces of fabric to make!

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress announced the adoption of our national flag. People started hanging flags at all of the government buildings to honor the adoption of the flag.

However, it wasn’t until June 14, 1893 that was claimed to be the first observation of Flag Day which was celebrated in Philadelphia, PA. It was later made into an official holiday in 1949 when then president Harry S. Truman made its declaration.

In 1812, lawyer Francis Scott Key was inspired by our flag when he saw that it had survived through war between the British and the Americans in Baltimore Harbor. He eventually wrote a song that became famous (and still is famous in our society!) which is known as “The Star Spangled Banner,” and more so known as our National Anthem.

To this very day, many different ways of honoring and respecting our American flag take place every day. Most elementary schools have their students pledge to the flag at the beginning of each school day. Also, at many large public events, especially sporting events, the national anthem is either played or sung (ie., the Superbowl).

Celebrating our flag not only provides the opportunity to appreciate how it came to be, but it also encourages the bonding between fellow Americans by displaying our pride for our flag and for the greatness of our country!

For more information on Flag Day, visit www.about.com.