Pittsburgh meets the Far East!

Since Pittsburgh has become a blending of so many cultures, and because we have the luxury of many well known universities and major employers, It is not unusual for Parkway Florist to  rise to the challenge of combining our Pittsburgh traditions with those of another culture.  Such was the case on Friday, October 7th, when Ming and Kyler tied the knot.

Ming is from China.  Flowers for the bride can never be all white in Chinese culture, as white flowers are generally only used in death……Pink is the Chinese color for happiness…perfect for a wedding day!   So, pink became an integral part of the wedding flowers.

The Renaissance Hotel is one of the many local properties in Pittsburgh that is great for weddings. The hotel has the ability to host both a  wedding ceremony and reception. This can be highly convenient for  guests.

Our  wedding ceremony  took place on the grand staircase located in the lobby of the hotel. (Pictured below)


We provided two large arrangements to decorate the railing where the ceremony took place. Combined with the pink lighting the hotel provided, we were set for a pink wedding!


The bride carried a classic white rose bouquet with a touch of pink added.


The bridesmaids also carried roses, theirs with  a bit more color.


Lastly, we decorated the cake to match the other flowers we brought. The bride and groom went with a more simple design. Leaving out a cake topper, they opted for a spray of roses and hydrangea which adorned the front of the cake.


Every wedding is something different for us, and we are always finding new and exciting methods to make your wildest dreams come true!