How Does Pink Make You Think?

If you’re just joining us, this is our second segment of Exploring Colors where we are diving into the meanings, effects, and traditions behind flower colors to show how color selections can affect your everyday life.

Today we are looking at pink. Pink is a very popular color for flowers. It is feminine and playful. Many flowers come in various shades of pink. From blush to hot pink, there are pink flowers in every shade in between. Pink can be a statement color or an accent, and can be used in many applications. Often times, pink flowers are use for new babies and to symbolize innocence.

Pink as a color can have varying affects psychologically. Bright, vibrant pink is exciting. It can increase energy and tends to be very attention grabbing. Bright pink can also be seen a joyful and exuberant. Pale pink on the other hand, is seen a sweet and caring. It can resemble skin tones and create feelings of intimacy. Pale pink is considered very feminine and often a color of romance as it is a variation of the color red.

Below you can some of the many choices of pink flowers:


What color would you like to see us explore next?