What Can Blue Do For You?

The science of colors has always been interesting to us here at Parkway Florist. But not only is there scientific research showing that certain colors affect us psychologically, there are also color meanings that stem from tradition. We’re going to dive in and explore these meanings over the next few weeks in hopes of inspiring you to look at the colors around you and consider how they can change your day.

We’re beginning our series  with one of the most rare colors in the flower industry, Blue. There are very few naturally occurring true blue flowers. The blue flowers that are available  to use are always eye catching elements in  a design.

Blue as a color creates a calming effect on people. It is considered a serene and relaxing color. Medical research shows that seeing blue can lower both heart rate and blood pressure. Don’t go painting your whole house blue though, the color can also invoke feelings of sadness so it is important to find the right balance.

Below are some pictures of blue flowers that we have used recently:


Not enough choices? Fortunately, blue comes in many shades and variations. Names such as sky, aqua, teal, cobalt, navy, cyan, cornflower, or cerulean  all mean blue. Here are some examples of other ways to include blue’s calming  effect even without blue flowers:

We hope this has opened up a wide array of possibilities to you. If you’re crazy about blue we would love to make it a part of your special occasion!

In our next segment, you can look forward to the science and traditions behind the color pink! Until then, check us out on Instagram by clicking here.