A soft, romantic 2016 so far!

We are almost half way through 2016, and boy……has time and special event work been flying!  We thought we would pause here, at the almost half way point, and see if we could spot any trends.  And we did!


The trend we are seeing so far is BLUSH  as a color — with soft, romantic, and very light colored flowers.  Pictured below are a few of our favorite bouquets so far:

bouquets 560 bouquets 529 bouquets 539 bouquets 543 bouquets 544 Bouquets 507 bouquets 554





Each one of these brides had chosen a very romantic dress — her dream dress — and flowers were designed to complement the dress, her personality, and her wishes.  some bouquets also included a special strand of pearls — or a locket — or a rosary that was a family heirloom.  All  of the brides, as well as their flowers, were special to us in many, many ways.  And we thank each and every one for choosing us to be part of their very special day!!

So what will be the next color trend?  Hmm…………..