Classic Elegance — meets Fun and Kicky

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The last few weeks have been very busy, busy weekends for weddings and special events.  Every bride has a story.  Every story is different, and the choices that go along with the stories are always fun for us to watch unfold.  Today we give you classic elegance…….followed by several fun and wonderful choices.

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One of our most favorite bouquets of the summer incorporated beautiful green orchids, succulents and lavender from my garden — for a touch of fragrance.  Flowing greenery and an organic look with striped summer grasses made this a fun bouquet to create, and just a wonderful addition for our bride Kayla.

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It is always great to be able to carry forward the styles of the wedding party into the reception area.  However, everyone has choices…..and sometimes those choices can be very different.  The Summery mixed farm fresh bouquets that were on our shepard’s hooks in the outdoor ceremony are one example of how things can get repurposed.   These vases went directly onto reception tables just as soon as the ceremony was over, and cocktails had begun.

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There is no right….or wrong….way to plan and host a wedding or a special event.   Many ideas can be put into play.  It all depends upon you, the bride, to decide what you would like to remember from your wedding day.  Enjoy, and call us soon.  We are now booking 2015 wedding dates!

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