Thank You Notes

Over the course of providing flowers to many people, we often are asked for advice…..and we give of it freely!

One question that was asked of me recently took me a little by surprise…..and that was…..”do I REALLY have to send formal, hand-written thank you notes to everyone after my wedding?

Yes, you do.

Even in this age of everything electronic, email and technology driven, Thank you notes are THE formal and proper way for the bride and groom to express their feelings and appreciation for a whole variety of things.  Whether you send a note to your parents for hosting the event, your attendants for their support and participation, your DJ for keeping the dance floor packed, or the florist for helping to create your vision, the important thing is that you send the Thank You note.

Proper etiquette indicates that thank you notes should be hand written, and should be sent within three months of receiving a gift.

Here’s a quick trick to make sending out those thank you notes:  Using a copy of your master guest list as you open your gifts, write down each gift as you receive it next to the guests’ name and address.  Doing so will make sending the thank you notes a breeze!  Also, don’t try to do them all at once.  Do 10 each day.  (or some other reasonable number).  Then it won’t be such a burden that you keep putting off.

Plan on sending thank you notes to:  Parents, Wedding attendants, Hosts of showers and parties given for you, People who helped to house or host your guests,  your suppliers and vendors, and anyone who did something kind or special for you.

Planning ahead for saying thanks allows you to enjoy your wedding day that much more!