The Color of Roses….and What they “could” mean

Long ago, in the Victorian era (19th century time), special meanings were attached to types of flowers, as well as colors of flowers.

Lovers exchanged flowers that gave guarded and veiled messages to each other.

When you combined the different types of flowers, with certain colors, a very special message was sent to a very deserving someone.

For Valentine’s Day, more than any other day of the year, we are asked over and over for what the colors of Roses mean.  So, I thought I would share some of the meanings with you.

Red Roses — (we all know this one) — means LOVE.

White Rose — stands for Purity, innocence, Secrecy and Silence

Soft pink rose – Perfect happiness

Yellow rose — Delightness, joy, gladness, Freedom and Friendship

Other flowers can have equal meaning:   Red Tulips, as a bunch, can be a declaration of Love…… while Yellow Tulips are a sign of Hopeless Love.  Gardenias  signify Joy.  A forget-me-not means just that — Do not forget me.  Ivy can signify Fidelity and marriage.  An orchid of any variety is a sign of Beauty.

So, as you are thinking about that “perfect” Valentine card or gift, while not send a “Very Secret message”   with Flowers?

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