Pennies from Heaven

Sometimes, the very simplest things are the most awe inspiring to me.

Our Bride and Groom today, Kaitlyn and Dan, had the most wonderful way of remembering a number of family members that were no longer here.  I just had to share their story and thoughts.

As we set up the outdoor garden for the ceremony, I noticed a number of pennies seemingly strewn down the main isle.  I was puzzled.  More pennies than someone who had dropped a few……more like a man with a really big hole in his pocket.

Then I opened their wedding program, and found the meaning of the pennies on the isle.  The pennies were scattered in loving memory of those who were no longer with them.  This poem (source unknown) accompanied the scattered pennies.

When an Angel misses you,

They toss a penny down.

Sometimes just to cheer you up,

or to make a smile from   a frown.

So, don’t pass by that penny,

When you’re feeling blue.

It may be a penny from heaven,

That an Angel has tossed to you.

What a wonderful way to  include and remember those that you care so much about!

Kaitlyn and Dan, my very best to you today…..and thanks for the wonderful  new tradition to share.    Your ceremony was beautiful and very meaningful.                     And……..  I’ll be looking for those pennies.