A Relaxed, But Colorful Bride

Our second wedding on July 16th was with Becky —  the most relaxed and calmest bride I have ever met!

Becky’s bridesmaids wore short, kicky summer dresses in a deep Salmon color.  This was my challenge for the weekend, and I was very concerned that we would get this one right.  When Becky and I first talked, the color was described as a little lighter than it turned out to be.  When I finally saw an actual swatch, the color was much  deeper and bolder.  I knew that the colors of the flowers we originally picked, and actually ordered, would not be right.  So, I began to work my sources and my magic to get the right colors pulled together.

Becky and her maid of honor actually brought a dress over for me to see, and them to see the actual flower on Thursday prior to the wedding.  I was so glad they did, because what I had located was a Great hit.  We actually did Becky’s bouquet with two colors of roses.  Marlyse — the lighter peach roses — is one of my favorites because it has an incredible fragrance.  The darker two toned variety is a new rose to us, but was wonderful in color.

The pictures below don’t do justice to how pretty she and her Bridesmaids look on Saturday.  We hope to post more pictures of this wedding in the near future.

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Becky, thanks again for your trust and your calmness, and for allowing us to “do our thing”.   We loved working with you!


Just received this note from Becky:

Dear Cheryl:  Justin and I want to thank your for being such a wonderful, reliable florist.  All of the flowers were gorgeous!  You came up with such a beautiful color scheme that matched the girls’ dresses perfectly.  I really appreciate that you took the time to get the flower colors to look amazing with the dresses.  You are truly gifted, and great at what you do!  Thanks again,

Justin and Becky

Becky, thanks again for allowing us to play a small part in making your big day a wonderful success!