Fourth of July Decoration Ideas

Although food and fireworks are two of the main things on peoples’ minds when celebrating the Fourth of July, decorations make all of the impact when those very people are visiting your house for the holiday. We thought it would be helpful to list some decorating tips to lessen the stress of you frantic get-together coordinators; and believe it or not, flowers are included in those decorating tips! (who knew? ;] )

Table Centerpieces:

– When having an outdoor (or even indoor) party, table centerpieces make an incredible focal point for the guests. One idea for the centerpieces could be red, white and blue paper pinwheels (which could be found either at the dollar store or could be made if you’re feeling crafty) placed in a gardening bucket. You could tie some themed ribbon around the bucket and place some colored filler in the bucket as well to top off the look.

– Another idea can be, as I’m sure you have guessed, floral centerpieces. Red, white and blue flowers always tend to be a hit, as their colors pop and their aroma makes the party smell good. An example of a Fourth of July themed floral centerpiece is as such below:


– A popular idea for outdoor lighting can be paper lanterns, alternating in colors of red, white and blue. Hanging the lanterns from the fence, or even from the trees will provide enough lighting around the perimeter of the party.

– Another idea for lighting the party is using candle votives. You can alternate the colors of the candle holders, or the candles themselves, and place them either on the tables or the walkways. This idea is also good for an indoor party.


– Since the food is where the people are, be sure to decorate the places where they will be sitting. You can do so by covering the dining tables in either a red, white or blue tablecloth and then provide utensils, plates and cups that are in the opposite color(s) that you chose for the tablecloth.

– Another idea for the dining portion of the party is to use old mason jars for the guests to drink out of. Tie a red, white and blue ribbon around the jar and fill them with some fresh brewed iced tea as a refreshment.

To finish off your decorating, be sure to add some flag decor. For an outdoor party, plant some flags in your garden or along your walkways in the grass. This is an inexpensive and creative way to finish off your outdoor decorating. For an indoor party, you can decorate your archways or the gathering area for you guests with flag streamers, which is again another inexpensive way to finish up your indoor decorating.

Hopefully some of these tips helped you get some last minute ideas for your decorating! We wish you a Happy Fourth of July and a whole lot of good eatin’!