Ways To Save Money On Wedding Centerpieces

It’s the month of love, and also the perfect month for proposals (if you catch my drift). Proposals lead to weddings, which in turn lead to wedding planning.

One of the biggest essentials for a wedding are the centerpiece arrangements, which can sometimes be costly depending on your choice of arrangement and flowers. So we are offering some advice on how to cut the cost and still get the centerpiece you want:

1. Don’t specify your flowers. If you want 80 “Black Magic” roses for your wedding, we (as florists) have to place a ‘special order’ with our wholesaler to ensure that the flowers are available. These flowers have to be bought at the flower auction regardless of the price (which is usually a more expensive way of buying flowers).

  • Instead of specifying a particular flower, just give tell us a theme (ex. ‘Spring Theme’) or color scheme. Also be sure to ask that we buy the best value flowers as needed for your wedding.

2. Choose seasonal flowers. If you want tulips in the autumn, expect to pay more than in the spring. While many flowers are obtained year-round, the ‘in season’ costs can still apply.

3. There is also the option of floating centerpieces. These centerpieces are a great way to make an inexpensive centerpiece, not to mention there are loads of options open to you. You can float cymbidium orchid heads/ rose heads, floating candles, or a combination of both using a few larger blossoms in a larger shallow bowl or cube. 

4. Deciding to alternate styles of centerpieces, by using some tall above-the-table arrangements and some low on-the-table arrangements. This will provide diversity and interest in the room. It could help to lower the cost, as well.

  • For a very large party, we suggest doing 3 to 4 different kinds of centerpieces, with only a few strategically placed arrangements being of the large and tall variety.

5. Consider other alternatives. Although flowers are the most popular type of centerpiece, there are other ideas. Use a decorated lantern, a candelabra, a collection of candles, or even a bowl of fruit.

So don’t panic. There are ways to avoid the overwhelming prices that centerpieces can sometimes be, and we are here to help you do so.  

If you have any questions or comments, please give us a call!